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Welcome to Apex Schools

Apex Secondary School is a Private School established at Mulela Village, Kishanda Ward, Nshamba Division within Muleba District, Kagera Region. Apex Secondary School is established under Section 26 of Act N0. 25 of 1978, dully registered as S. 4467.


The Primary aim of establishing the School was to contribute to the government efforts to ensure quality education to all children. Moreover, Apex Secondary School is established to pose a challenge of Excellency, high quality and practical Education in Muleba District and Kagera Region at large.

The School looks forward to offer opportunities to many children to join Secondary School education, O-level as well as A-level education. The School intends to offer quality education opportunities to Nshamba Ward which have not been there due to a number of reasons. The School looks to offer a wide range of choice in terms of disciplines besides serving as academic centre for all schools at Nshamba in Muleba District, within Kagera Region.

Establishment of Apex Secondary School will trigger competition among private schools by offering the best to its students in order to win the market. To our part, our endeavours are to offer the best to all students who will register with our schools network. We have no option but to offer quality education in order to attract best brains.

Our goal is to contribute to the efforts of the Government in poverty reduction through quality education. It is our promise to our esteemed customers that we shall spend sleepless nights until we attain our goal which in turn shall brand our School. We wish to build a brand name based on our performance which no one will ever take away from us.

The school shall always be strict in addressing pupils/students issues in light of social economic life surrounding the school. We shall accept any thing, any idea you may call of but not devices that turn the pupil


School Events

Apex Secondary School has boarding facilities for both Girls and Boys. Parents are encouraged to register their sons and daughters in our new and modern dormitories built within the school compound. After due deliberations the School has set the 17th day of February as APEX EDUCATION DAY.