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Apex Secondary School has favourable environment for proper learning. Its location alone provides conducive atmosphere for any person to undertake his/her studies. The School has a modern library with all relevant books a student needs for his/her studies, laboratory with all equipment for practicals.

Apex Secondary School registered its first students in 2011. The first intake sat for the first Form Two examinations in 2012 where all students passed the Form Two examination 2012 and were subsequently promoted to Form Three . The school was ranked 6 out of 42 schools at the District Level; it was ranked 23 out of 240 schools at Regional Level and 42 out of 386 at Zonal Level.

In 2013 the School had the second seating for the Form Two National Examinations. The School was ranked the 5th out of 42 Secondary Schools at the District level; at the Regional Level the School was ranked the 33rd out of 250 Secondary Schools and it was ranked the 50th out of 407 Secondary Schools at Zonal Level. All students passed Form Two Examinations and were promoted to Form Three.

In November 2014, the first batch will seat for their Form Four National Examinations. We have high expectations that they will perform well.


School Events

Apex Secondary School has boarding facilities for both Girls and Boys. Parents are encouraged to register their sons and daughters in our new and modern dormitories built within the school compound. After due deliberations the School has set the 17th day of February as APEX EDUCATION DAY.