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Apex Secondary School has qualified staff. Apparently, there are eleven (11) teachers; and seven non teaching staff. Among the teachers, three hold bachelor degrees in Education, seven(7) teachers hold diploma in education.

Core Value for Apex Staff:


Apex Secondary School achieves its vision through a developed corporate culture of its employees who are, Services oriented, professional, fair, accountable, prompt, and accessible, treat the parents and childrenwith dignity and are committed and motivated to the achievement of school goals and objectives. There are theories and principles that might fit and be applicable somewhere else that might not harmonize our values. Therefore when joining Apex every employee should evaluate and determine to set aside every theory and principles that might contradict or hinder thesevalues


School Events

Apex Secondary School has boarding facilities for both Girls and Boys. Parents are encouraged to register their sons and daughters in our new and modern dormitories built within the school compound. After due deliberations the School has set the 17th day of February as APEX EDUCATION DAY.